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    Data transfer between streams in a cluster.

    Abby Pad Newbie

      Hi all. I am still in the beginning stages of my investigation, and would really like your input...

      We have a servlet that reads from an input stream and writes to a output stream. The data comes in byte by byte, and the servlet transfers the data.

      Now the issue is - in a cluster, what if the input request and output requests are on two different machines? ie, the input byte comes in on one instance, but the output request has connected to another instance. Now it becomes necessary to transfer data (byte by byte) between two instances/machines.

      I could make this a singleton service so that all the streaming requests go to the same machine. However, since this is a big part of what we do, having just one machine to do it sort-of defeats the purpose of having a cluster.

      Any other ideas? Hope my question is clear - if not, just ask and I will provide more info.

      Thanks, Abby.