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    simple clustering - no J2ee

    Pooja Chauhan Newbie


      I am running a service inside JBoss - the service listens on a port - the long term plan is to have a complete J2EE Application running within to which my service will make calls. But for now it is a simple service , which for the sake of argument lets say simply echoes the request back.

      I want to cluster JBoss - so that if one server goes down another can pick up the next incoming requests - There is no state maintenance required.

      What shud I do to enable this - I got JBoss Cluster documentation from a friend but even that talks abt clustering in reference to EJBs/JSPs - Please tell me how to do it for a simple service with no frills attached?

      The whole requirment is if my service is listening on port 7000, and a request comes in - and the server goes down , another node shud get activatd and my service hosted in it (may be listening on 7001) shud be able to respond.

      --- Pooja.