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    Interserver communication/Intelligent load balancing

    Abby Pad Newbie

      Hi -

      We have a JBoss cluster, which we use mainly to run regular POJO's and services at the moment. We have Tomcat for webserver, and mod-jk doing the load balancing.

      Is there a way I can write extra logic at the mod-jk layer such that the requests are only funelled to certain appserver based on a certain logic? I need to use this logic only when certain conditions are triggered, in all other cases, it should use the regular round robin or whatever algorithm it uses.

      If thats too complicated, then if I get a request on one appserver, can I somehow then ask another appserver to run that request and send the status back to me (original app server on which request was served)? How can I implement this?

      If there are any tools on the market which will help me do this, I would be open to that as well.

      Thanks, Abitha.