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    4.0.1sp1 cluster-service.xml versus tc5-cluster.xml

    john mendonca Newbie

      I'm trying to understand the various JBoss clustering options and I'm having difficulty userstanding why I would need tc5-cluster.xml under the server/all/deploy directory.

      It seems that cluster-service.xml enables clustering, so that I can tune on ejb clustering in conf/jboss.xml, and make my http sessions "distributable" in the application WEB-INF/web.xml.

      Have i missed anything really basic? Why would I need tc5-cluster.xml?


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          Ben Wang Master

          I believe in the release note for 4.0, it does mention of the file.

          tc5-cluster-service.xml is needed in addition to the existing cluster-service.xml to configure the http session replication. This is because since 3.2.6 and up, the Tomcat http session replication has been implemented using JBossCache.

          I have added this question to the cluster faq Wiki, nonetheless.

          We are also in the process of updating the Admin book on this part (due out for 4.0.2).