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    Session EJB and Entity

    Stefano Gallina Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have developed an application with some session EJB which call some entity EJB.
      All entitie have a local interface wich is used by the session EJB to acces to the database.
      When i deploy the application on a cluster i got some errors about session EJB can't get entity bean because these entities don't have a remote interface.
      So, must all entities bean, in a cluster, have remote interface instead of local interface ?
      If yes, just why ?


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          georges goebel Newbie


          I don't know how it exactly works but I made the experience with other J2EE Application servers that in order to do load balancing over all the ejb containers in the cluster, it is better to have a remote interface because then a new entity bean can be created in an other ejb container than the session bean which creates the entity bean.
          But normally when ther is only a local interface for the entity bean, the entity bean must be created in the same ejb container where the session bean is executed.
          So I don't know about the exception but this could be a reason, but I AM NOT SURE