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    can I make my mbean(in deploy) depends on another bean in de

    hkdennis2k Newbie

      I have a problem....

      I have make a JMS Queue in hasingleton.
      and try to access it in my servlet.

      I am usign HAJNDI to lookup the JMS connectionfactory and queue, like the examples in wiki. But, how can I force the queue is loaded before the web context is started?

      and, How did I know the master node of the hasingleton is changed, and switch to another one in my program??

      Also, I am using a org.jboss.ha.singleton.HASingletonController(in deploy) for a singleion of an mbean. I know, it should be in HASingleton folder. But I got a ClassNotFoundException, because of my class are within a .ear in deploy folder.(How can I fix it?)

      By problem is, when the master node changing, the HASingletonController start BEFORE the JMS in hasingleton does. and it cause error.

      I can force the my mbean depends on HAJNDIJMSProvider(JMS must be ready when HAJNDIJMSProvider(is ready) when jboss startup and load, but I cannot do the same.

      Am I did something wrong??