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    Terrible!!  failover of HASingleton doesn't work

    hkdennis2k Newbie

      I setup 2 jboss on two machines.

      Two of the jboss have some configuration.

      one HASingletonController(A) for my own Mbean
      two SingleScheduleProvider(B)
      and one HaSingletonController(C) for hasingleton-deploy


      Stary "node1",
      Start "node2" after "node1" is ready.
      Test both node1 and node2 are working.
      and all master node are on "node1"
      Close "node1"
      Only (A) and (B) on "node2" become Master Node
      and (C) is not working (I check myself in jmx-console)

      Start "node2"
      Start "node1" after "node2" is ready.
      test both node1 and node2 are working.
      all all master node are on "node2"
      close "node2"
      Only (A) on "node1" become Master node
      and (B) and (C) are not working

      Do steps in Case2
      Restart "node2"
      All hasingleton on "node2" are master
      (A) on "node1" still is a master
      two master node of "(A)"
      and I notice that they not find eachother on cluster.(no info message from console)


      JBoss 3.2.6
      Sun JDK 1.5

      Hardware of "Node2" is faster then "node1"
      node2: windows xp pro
      node1: windows 2000 server

      It is bug of misconfiguration?