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    Problems on Solaris

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      I'm trying to setup two node cluster in Sun Solaris environment. But there are a few problems:

      - During the startup they doesn't see each other, after few minutes on both consoles appears message new members etc... so eventually (after ca. 10 minutes) clusters sets up, but no at startup time.

      - Both nodes are master nodes in HASingletonDeployer

      - Cluster wide hot deploy doesn't work

      - Finally... The nodes reports that they are members of the cluster but in fact they don't

      There is no firewall, they are in the same lan segment, the nodes have multiple interfaces so i've tried to bind them to speciific interfaces, effects was the same.

      Earlier i've successfully setup jboss clusters in the linux and winxp enviroment. Is there any differences i should consider or manage differently in solaris?

      OS: SunOS 5.9
      JDK: 1.4.2_02
      JBOSS: 4.0.1sp1