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    [NEWBIE] Get partitions and members....

    Luca Comodi Newbie

      Hi to all, here my situation: i'm working with JBoss 3.2.5 clustering (yes i know it's a little bit old but i must use this ver.).
      In my current configuration i have two partitions: a DefaultPartition and a CustomPartition (but probably i will have more than two...).

      My question is: is there a method that returns all partitions (name and other infos)? and/or return respective partition's members?

      I found and used HAPartition.getCurrentView() to return the vector with current members, but how can i access to other partitions?

      Thanks to all, and sorry for my "scolastic" english a for my newbie questions.


      P.S. if my questions are not clear please tell me, i'll be happy to give all details.