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    Mutiple Instances same server/different http://addresses

    klharrel Newbie

      I need to set up two instances of Jboss server for testing purposes.
      1. is the default instance
      2. is a instance for QA

      I need those two instances completely independent of each other - no shared session, no load balancing, etc

      To access the default instance the user would type http://localhost in thier browser addresss

      To access the QA instance...is there a way to access it like http://instanceName ???

      I want to do this without multihoming.

      Any help would be appreciated

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          Josh Smith Newbie

          I don't know if this answers your question, but I was able to get multiple instances of JBoss up and running on my local box. I did it to test some configuration work out for production but it might help you.

          I edited the following lines, in these 2 config files.

          In the jboss-service, I went through and incremented the following attributes by 1000 (they all represented ports, so i moved them up by 1000 to make sure I didn't have conflicts.)
          WebService : Port
          Naming Service: Port & RmiPort

          Becuase i wanted them to both run as the same app, but on different ports (Which meant I didn't have to do any config changes inside the deployed EAR, I also moved the tomcat instances to a different port) Default instances ran on 8080, so I moved the "All" instances to 9080

          Change the server.xml file and move the port attributes (in the top element or two) or what ever port you want them to point to.

          After that, I was able to have either one run without a problem.

          You could probably also control how the user accesses it easier by doing these changes, and then playing with the DNS entries.

          Hope it helps.

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            Kelly Bradley Newbie

            I hope it is proper netiquette to revise this old thread rather than post a new one.

            My coworkers and I have figured out how to do what is described in this post--incrementing the ports in all of the various files so that a second instance can be installed.

            Unfortunately, for our purposes we need to be able to do this quickly and on a whim with tens of services. Therefore, having to change 20 or so batch and xml files is not preferred. Has anyone done something similar to make all of the files reference a single file that can be updated to respresent that JBoss instance?

            If nothing else, we will create a batch file that copies and then updates all of these files needed but that seems horribly inefficient and I hoped someone else had already solved this problem in a more elegant way.

            We are also looking to install each instance as a Windows Service to make them easier to manage. Is this the preferred method of doing that?:

            Thanks for any help. Links to other resources or other threads on this forum that relate are also appreciated.

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              Jerry Gauthier Apprentice

              Have you looked at JBoss Services Binding Management? It's described at http://docs.jboss.com/jbossas/admindevel326/html/ch10.html#d0e20806.

              This should allow you to specify all of the incremented ports in a single file.