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    Questions related to BMP Entity Beans

    Hiten Ravani Newbie

      Hi all,

      We have just finished migrating a j2ee application from orion to jboss 4.0.1sp1.

      We have also tried the jboss clustering features and are thinking of using it, but have a couple of questions related to entity beans which use bean managed persistence.

      1) Would we need to do anything special in db or application server to ensure that it handles entity bean creates/updates/deletes properly. By the way we have to use SQL server 2000. Do you have to or can configure commit options for BMP entity beans ?? And is it worth spending time to change entity bean from BMP to CMP ??? I mean is the advantages gained worth the effort to changing ??

      2) We are thinking of setting up two nodes to start off with. It is a distributed j2ee application with users all around the world. Hence would it be more wiser to set up both nodes on separate machines but same location where the database is to reduce constant network calls or would it be better to set one node where the database is located and other node in separate country ???

      Any help on the above questions and any other tips/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

      We have been using jboss4.01sp1 but might use jboss4.0.2