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    Any Problems with Multiples Instances per Server (4.0.2)

    Josh Smith Newbie

      My office is looking at changing their architecture for how they deploy and configure the app servers. In the past we have had problems with other SBU's having deployed code that caused memory leaks and other problems. It isolate ourselves from either being the victim (or even worse the culprit) we have started to push for the sysadmins to build the system as such.

      They have 3 physical servers that at some point in the future will be clustered. What we would like is for each of the servers to have 3 separate instances of JBoss running, one for each SBU. With 3 distinct JVM's, each can go up or down independently, or crash independently as needed. (Yes, they can still eat up all to box resources, but that we can probably work around). The Sysadmin has said he read somewhere in some documentation from JBoss that this is a bad idea, but I have run it locally and not found any problems.

      Can anyone point me to some solid information that confirms either side of this? Is there anyone at JBoss that can shed some light on this?