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    Mixed OS Cluster.

    Neil Albiston Newbie

      We're running a two node JBoss ( 3.2.5 ) cluster in our live environment. The machines run on Mac OS X ( 10.2.8).
      High Availability JNDI, JCache, Stateful & Stateless Sessions, lots of CMP and CMR linking all the entity beans together.

      All seems to work OK ( It would be nice if I could get Hot deployment working consistently....but thats another story.)

      Now to the question...
      I have been asked whether adding a linux box to this cluster would cause any problems. The idea is to ensure the new linux box is as secure /reliable/performant as the current system, before moving the entire cluster back to one OS ( the winner!) . It would be a temporary measure for a month or two.

      I know there is a different threading model on the two OSs but as JBoss handles all the threading it should be OK. ...possibly...maybe...?

      In development we use a linux cluster without any apparent problems.

      Can anyone see a problem with mixing OSs in a JBoss Clusters ?

      Does anyone run a mixed OS Cluster?

      Any guidance appreciated.