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    cluster farm redeployment

    Tomer ben david Novice


      I have 2 jboss4.0.2 running on my local machine in a cluster mode.
      When I perform a deploy on one of them of my ear then i see that both ears on both farm directories of both nodes is updated, however the log file on the second node does not show anything like it noticed it got a new ear, i didnt see any mentioning that i usually used to see like undeploy xxx entity bean and deploy xxx entity bean and deployed ear ... only one one of the nodes...

      anybody knows why?

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          Scott Marlow Master

          Can you try using the application on the second node and determine if the original application is still deployed?

          Also check the file timestamp of the application on the second node to make sure it is correct. If for some reason its older than the previous deployed copy of the application, you might see the behavior that you describe.

          Also try touching the application file on the second node to see if that forces a redeploy. This won't determine the cause but might give more information.

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            tomerbd2 Newbie


            I tried a couple of more times the test cases this time i had a mixed os

            Linux + Windows

            i deploy and undeploy on windows then everything is ok.

            However when i undeployed the ear under linux the ear didnt get undeployed on windows...

            What do you say? (using a mixed os for development convinience).