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    No fail-Safe nor Load-Balancing

    Paul Klestorny Newbie


      We are having some troubles with the cluster configuration and we are running out of ideas, so please give as some advice!!. The story goes like this: First of all. we are using jboss 4.0.0, with the "default" server. After copying some services and libraries from the "all" configuration to "default", the nodes detect each other and join the same partition correctly!.

      The problem here is that after configuring a SLSB of our app in jboss.xml with "true" to work within this partition, we are getting no fail-safe nor load-balancing for it.

      The SLSB client app, which is looking up through port 1100 (ha-jndi), sends all the processing request to only one of the nodes of the cluster, but sometimes, after turning this client app off and on again, it starts sending all the processing requests to the other node.

      We are using Round Robin load balance policy.

      What can we do now??

      Thanks in advance!