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    farm deployment

    Tine Kurent Newbie

      We have a JBoss cluster running on two machines with all configuration (only partition name was modified).
      We have one EJB jar (with multiple stateless EJB inside) deployed in farm/ directory and everything is working fine except for farm deployment:

      sometimes if we copy the ejb jar to farm directory on server one, instead of redeploying this jar to server two, server two receives only (from log):

      doUndeployment(), File: farm/MobilePackage.jar

      and the (old) jar file on server two is deleted. This happens probably in 20% of deployments, other times farmDeployment() is received and ejb is redeployed to both servers.

      Any ideas why this is happening?

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          Ulf Schroeter Novice

          Seems to be a bug. We also encountered this behavior in the past and disabled farming within the production environment. With farming - although convenient - you 'loose' much control during deployment, which is essential for a production plattform (especially if there are some unexpected problems during the deployment of a new component)


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            Scott Marlow Master

            Could you download JBoss 4.0.3rc1 from http://www.jboss.org/products/jbossas/downloads and try to recreate the problem?

            If the problem is solved with the farm deployment changes in 4.0.3, great! If not, write back and let me know. The next step would be to create a bug report (using JIRA Issue Tracking) and supply a test case so we can reproduce it. If we move fast enough, perhaps we can have a fix in 4.0.3 (will lock down soon).

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              Tine Kurent Newbie

              Thanks. Will try 4.0.3rc1. Test case is pretty simple, since - if you repeat it long enough - you can reproduce this bug with ordinary datasource xml files in farm/ directory.
              Sometimes xml ds file is removed on second server instead of redeployed - so it's probably a different case than fixed one (Farm deployment shouldn't read entire archive file into memory).

              Will try 4.0.3rc1 and report a bug if it's not fixed.