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    Clustering and load balancing - how to disable

    Radek Soucek Newbie

      Hi guys,

      Could you please help me with my problem regarding Jboss configuaration? I have several servers running jboss on the same network and I need to disable all comunications between the instances. I understand that the Jboss instances broadcast network messages in order to communicate with each other and I need to avoid it.

      I am new to Jboss, so sorry if I bother you with a trivial question. I haven?t been able to find the answer anywhere else.


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          vignesh vignesh Newbie


          You could deploy your applications in the "default" server configuration of JBoss. The default server instance does not start clustering services and hence the multicast communication between nodes would be automatically eliminated. If you are already running the default configuration, you should not be observing any communication unless the configuration has been changed.

          For any reason if you are unable to shift your application from "all" to "default" server, assuming that's where your applications are deployed, you could delete the file cluster-service.xml from the deploy folder. This will disable clustering and the internode communication. Load balancing is not automatically enabled, so you would not need to worry about that.

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            damo9f Newbie

            To tell if you are in the "all" configuration or the "default" look for files cluster-service.xml and tc5-clustering.xml (in jboss 4.0.3 in any case). They should be absent in the "default" configuration.

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              jboss idiot Newbie

              what i've done is set ip_mcast="false" in my xml files under my all directory. e.g.