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    HTTPLoadbalancer as reverse proxy

    shahzad bhatti Newbie

      I am trying to setup HTTPLoadbalancer as a reverse proxy server and it's working for a single application, but can I use this for more than one application. Also, can I direct the traffic based on the incoming protocol.
      What I mean is that I have JBoss running and listening on port 80 for
      http and 443 for https. The HTTPLoadbalancer's configuration allows
      me to define list of hosts (which can be URLs such as http://myhost:8080/myapp). What I need is a way to check if incoming
      protocol is http then direct it to http://myhost1:8080/myapp or http://myhost2:8080/myapp and if the incoming traffic is https then forward it to https://myhost:8443/myapp. Also, I would like to add
      support for multiple applications, so if incoming URL is http://myreverseproxy/myapp1 then route it to http://myapp1.mydomain and so on.
      I can do this with apache mod_proxy, but it doesn't use load balance and
      I am not sure if it supports "Sticky Sessions".

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