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    deploy-hasingleton broken on 4.0.2??

    asdfasdg asdg Newbie

      The deploy-hasingleton directory contains services such as HAJMS, which is designed to run the JMS server on a single node in a clustered environment.

      If the node where the singleton services are currently deployed fails, they will be automatically redeployed on another node in the cluster if one is available.

      Is this broken on 4.0.2, cause if I shutdown the server where it was deployed it doesn't get redeployed, on one of the available nodes.
      Yes I have other available nodes cause when I copy somehting to /farm directly it does get deployed on all nodes.
      And copying a newer file to deploy-hasingleton doesn't work, I would assume that the newer file should be deployed on one server, but that doesn't happen.
      Did I forget somehting?