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    EJB Timer service in a cluster

    Viswa Vutharkar Newbie

      How do the EJB timers behave when JBoss instances are clustered ? Do the timers get invoked on only one bean across all the clustered JBoss instances..

      I have a setup where

      I implemeneted a stateless session bean, MySLSB that extends the TimedObject. And implemented the ejbTimeout() method.

      I create the Timer object in the ejbCreate() method of my SLSB. According to the EJB specs, the Timer should only be invoked on one instance of my SLSB in the container. But I did not find any information about what the behavior would be if I tag my MySLSB as and deploy it in two clustered JBoss instances? Will the timer still get triggered on only one JBoss instance in the cluster and will invoke ejbTimeout() on one SLSB instance only? Or does it get fired on the other JBoss instance too?