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    getting remote ejb across firewall

    tek no Novice

      I am trying to obtain a remote reference to an ejb in one jboss cluster from another. They are separated by a firewall. I have opened ports 1099, 4444, 1100 between them.

      The normal lookup on port 1099 works ok. However, when I try to use the HAJNDI port 1100 I get that the ejb is not bound naming exception. I assumed that this was because I had to set a new RmiPort and RmiObjectPort for HAJNDI to use. So I set these to 1199 and 1144 in cluster-service.xml and opened those ports. Nothing changed.

      I assume I am missing one or more ports that need opening but I can't figure out which ones from the documentation. Can someone tell me what i am missing please.

      thank you