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    Not pulling altered deployments on 4.0.3RC2


      I have just moved from 4.0.3RC1 to 4.0.3RC2. When starting up a second server in a cluster with farming enabled, the new server is not pulling down changed deployments from the farm. I have to delete the deployments from the farm directory before starting the second server to get updated deployments.

      Steps to replicate:

      Have all servers stopped with out of date deployments in their farm directories.
      Deploy an updated set libraries to one server in the cluster and start that server.
      Start a second server in the cluster.
      When it is fully deployed, check the timestamps on the deployments on the second server. In my case they are still the out of date deployments. Also, the **** pullNewDeployments **** message from the farm service is not being displayed (indicative of the problem).