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    Multi NICs machine and clustered JMS

    tomdee Newbie

      Env: JBoss 3.2.6, JDK 1.5 , Win2K, Oracle, dual NIC where one NIC is used for cluster multicast using UDP.

      My question is as follows:

      1. the primary NIC is where all the processing are occuring, including accessing to/from Oracle

      2. the 2nd NIC is used for clustering and lives on separate VLAN

      3. If the VLAN on the 2nd NICs fails and the primary NICs are still functioning,

      a) Will the various members in the cluster start to declare themselves
      master (or co-ordinator) ?

      b) if they all become master, will they all try to read and write to
      the same JMS tables ?

      Thanks in advance