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    Queues not deploying on server with custom partition name

    Greg Paul Newbie

      I discovered the problem on a fully configured pair of nodes, so I worked back to a basic installation and see the same problem. Perhaps I've forgotten something basic, but investigation throughout the day has lead no where.

      Here's the current dilemma.

      1. Download jboss-4.0.2
      2. Install on solaris 5.7 (java 1.4.2_05)
      3. Start server using run.sh -c all (watch the default queues deploy fine)
      4. Stop server, start server using run.sh -c all -Djboss.partition.name=MyPartition i can also see in the jmx console that ConnectionFactory, XAConnectionFactory and the security domain for jbossmq. are not in jndi
      5. watch the default queues not deploy

      I'm hoping if I can figure out why they don't deploy on very simple installation, I can just apply it to my regular installation.