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    Web and EJB clustering: some questions

    Denis Newbie

      1. as i understood from documentation there is no way to make web clustering except as to install apache and mod_jk, am i right?

      2. i have few session beans with flag True . i have cluster, consisting of two nodes. To have clustered ejb level in my application i must deploy my app to the both nodes (usin farm for ex) or it will be enough to deploy on single node?
      And is it any admin tool which allows to see what ejbs are serve on the particularly cluster node?

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          Jerry Gauthier Apprentice

          1. You can use a hardware load balancer for your http sessions. I don't know if there are other software solutions besides apache/mod_jk.

          2. The JBoss Clustering Guide recommends that you deploy beans to all nodes for performance. If you only deploy to a single node, you can probably locate it through HA-JNDI though.

          You can use the JMX Console (e.g., http://localhost:8080/jmx-console/) to see what's bound in your JNDI namespace. Select the JNDIView service and then invoke the list() method. You can also accomplish this programatically.