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    cluster windows 2 nodes single machine

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      I'm starting up 2 nodes in a couple of windows machines (on each windows a cluster with its own partition name composed of 2 nodes for test purposes). The strange thing is that on some this would succeed and on some not. By success i mean that one node recognizes the other and by fail i mean one node fails to recognize the other. The configuration on all is the same since i copied the same directories from one machine to the other.

      Anyone can suggest what can i do? (I read the section on jboss clustering pdf i noted that there might be issues with some windows service i disabled it...)
      How can i exactly configure manually the cluster on windows? anyone can give me an example of manual configuration of 2 nodes on the same windows machine? (without using auto discovery...)


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          Jerry Gauthier Apprentice

          There are several ways to configure multiple nodes on a single Windows machine.

          1) If you have multiple IP addresses (e.g., wired and wireless connections), you can start each node using a separate IP address. For example -
          run.bat -c node1 -b

          2) You can use the service-bindings manager to specify different ports for the JBoss services.

          A sample bindings file is provided at ../docs/examples/binding-manager/sample-bindings.xml. This file contains port assignments for servers named ?ports-default?, ?port-01? and ?port-02?. Copy the file to a new location and change the server names in the file to match your installation.

          Then modify the your ../conf/jboss-service.xml file for each server to specify the use of the service binding manager. Uncomment the ServiceBindingManager mbean and
          provide the server name. You can hardcode it or use a variable name such as ${jboss.server.name}. You also need to specify the binding file location (e.g., ${jboss.home.url}/server/server-bindings.xml).

          Use of the service binding manager is described in the JBoss Admin and Devt Guide.


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            and how can i tell each node to know that the other node is in its cluster and not by using auto discovery?

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              Since this is a different question i have opened a different thread...