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    Clustered MDBs

    Nitesh Varma Newbie

      I've set up a cluster of two nodes on one machine. I've a simple MDB deployed in the cluster that listen to a particular queue. I have a message producer that drops messages in the queue.

      However, only one node seems to be consuming the messages at a time. If I kill that node, the other node starts consuming messages. But there is no load distribution between the nodes for consuming messages from the queue.

      Is there something in the configuration that I need to change that would force the MDBs from both nodes to consume messages?



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          tomerbd2 Newbie

          I think the problem is that you dont have enough messages sent to the queue try either to send many messages so there would be a real value to the load balancing, currently your server handles them perfectly so no need for load balancing, or limit the amount of mdbs that can be starter up to handle your messages to a real small number so you'll see some load balancing.