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    EJBs on different nodes - part 2

    Jose Pedro Pereira Newbie

      Imagine the other following scenario:
      node1 and node2 are a group (group1)
      node3 and node4 are another group (group2)

      I have the following EJB's
      Group1EJB1 -> should run clustered on node1/node2 (Group1)
      Group2EJB2 -> should run clustered on node3/node4 (GRoup1)
      SharedEJB3 -> should run clustered on node1/node2/node3/node4 (All nodes)

      Is there a way to do this?

      Most appreciated for your quick reply


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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          Why are you asking this question again? You have already asked it once today.

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            Jose Pedro Pereira Newbie

            I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm really, really needing an answer quick... Hope this way somebody would see my message and reply quick...

            I really need this information quickly... So sorry I have disturbed you... :(
            I apologize for it, obviously

            Best regards

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              mazz Master

              Apologies for the slow response. But (and this soon may become a stock answer for things like this :-)

              If this is important for you and/or your organization and you need someone from JBoss to help get answers on this quickly, you should contact our support group.

              Please, Please understand the forums are a form of free support and don't necessarily get the attention we (JBoss, Inc or any community member) would like to give them due to time constraints with dealing with support calls in addition to performing our actual development duties. :-)

              You should not assume or expect to get "quick" answers. Answers, maybe. But if you need "quick" guarranteed answers, there are other avenues you should explore.

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                Jose Pedro Pereira Newbie

                Thanks for the information...
                Once more I apologize for my impaciency... I'm really stressed out because I needed an answer for this.

                I appreciate your replies and hope to hear from some of you soon about this question. JBoss Clustering documentation refers that some node may participate in different partitions, but I couldn't get it to work yet, and I don't even know if that is the correct path to follow, although I do think so for now...

                Once again, best regards to you all