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    automatically archit

    Yu Zhou Newbie

      Hi, everybody. i am designing a self-adaptive scenario under jboss 3.2.4 which can be stated as follows:
      Initially, there is one server offering ticket-ordering services, as the number of clients increases, the probe of our application detects the latency is beyond the threshold, so software architecture evolved automatically to add a new server, and deployed to another host as a mirror site. how can we configure the jboss server to automatically redirect part of the increasing request to new server or more new servers to get the load balanced thus the average latency also decrease below the threshold.
      The problem is that client doesn't know the address of new site, the .war file has previously been put into the ./deploy directory of new-added sites but it still requires several ejbs which have not been put in this directory. When we evolute the architecture, these ejbs will be hot deployed.
      I sincerely hope i can find help here. Any of your suggestion and involvement in the discussion is appreciated.
      Thanks in advance ;-)