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    Handle Cluster Restart Problem

    Paul Chan Newbie

      i have setup 2 JBoss4.0.2 server with cluster enabled using UDP multicast. The 2 cluster JBoss4.0.2 server runs well (Round-Robin behaviour).

      1) However, when 1 machine down, and restart up again, the client does not connect to the restarted server again.

      2) If both cluster server down and restarted again, the client cannot connect to both servers. (the client side looks like HANGS)

      I try to solve these 2 problems by enableing the retry proxy according to the JBoss AS 4.0.3 documentation Handle Cluster Restart
      However, it also does not work..

      Therefore, what's the correct configuration to handle these problems
      1) the restarted cluster server can be joined as cluster server.
      2) if all cluster servers are restarted, the client can connect back to the JBoos server without restarting