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    Jgroups logging

    Hari Velappan Newbie

      I am using Jgroups and my log file is filled with these lines

      INFO NAKACK prevSeqno=-1, last_xmitted_seqno=-1, num_times=sequence

      Does this message means a node is always chatting with all the other nodes in the subnet. If this is true; is there any way I can reduce the frequency of this chatting. Will it affect the perfomance.



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          Bela Ban Master

          The only chatting going on in a cluster is by
          - FD (are-you-alive messages to one's neighbor node)
          - STABLE (distributed garbage collection)
          - MERGE(2): merge layer

          You can reduce those by increasing the associated timeouts, in the case of FD you can repace it with FD_SOCK.
          Other than that I suggest you set a WARN for org.jgroups, and only enable other cats at the INFO/DEBUG or even TRACE level when needed (debugging)