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    JMS Queue Problem with other cluster members

    Gavin Kearney Newbie

      When I start jboss, there are a number of JMS message queues that should start too, as specified in /deploy-hasinglton/jms/jbossmq-destinaion-service.xml

      The queues start fine when there are no other members in the cluster, but if i join the cluster with someone else already in there then my JMS queues dont even try to start as far as i can see.

      Also, i dont know if this is related, but I keep getting discarded UDP messages from localhost, surely this just doesn't make sense. How can I not be in the same group as myself?

      11:31:39,328 WARN [UDP] discarded message from different group (DefaultPartitio
      n). Sender was localhost:32857 (additional data: 14 bytes)

      If anybody has any ideas on this, i would really appreciate any help, thanks in advance