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    Clustered HTTP session problem

    chris_katz Newbie

      I've set up a 2 node cluster using JBoss 4.0.2.
      Apache2 with mod_jk is used as a load balancer with sticky sessions set to true.
      The clients of my application would be web browsers, Java and other(non-Java) clients -- some of them not supporting session cookies. I've set to "false" the cookies attribute in Tomcat's context.xml and implemented the app. to use URL rewriting.

      There is a particular problem: session IDs generated from one server have a suffix ".node1", while from the other - don't.
      The first node seems to be a kind of "preferred" node by Apache(although there is on "local_worker_only" set in worker.properties). When accessing the application from a web browser a new HTTP session is established only when accessing the node with suffixed session IDs. Attempts to establish a session to the other node are unsuccessful.

      UseJK attrib. is set to "true" in both server's jboss-service.xml

      I won't post any config files at this stage.
      Any help/hint will be appreciated!