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    high load web application, need to select a replication stra

    Emilio Davis Newbie

      we are starting the development of a large web applicacion that will server many users (20k concurrent users, 350k registered users), we selected Jboss as the AS for the clustering features and the licence scheme now I need to pick the right strategy for the replication of the cluster.

      This is the strategy I have so far, PLEASE correct me if Im wrong.

      1.- HTTP-Session replication: The application is not critical, so if one of the nodes goes down is aceptable for the end-user to loose the session and start all over in another node, so I wont replicate the http-session info and will use sticky sessions.

      2.- Stateless Session beans replication: Do I need to set @Clustered this beans? I mean they are stateless, each node should have hes own pool, or am I missunderstanding something?

      3.- Entity Bean: to boost performance I should set @Clustered and replicate this beans because some instances of this beans will be used a ton more than the others.

      btw. english is not my main language so please excuse me for the spelling and gramatical errors.