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    How does http client connect to a Jboss cluster?

    Francis Chue Newbie

      I am running Jboss 3.2.6 and I already got a cluster setup with 2 nodes and I am not using any load balancer at this point. Here is my stupid question? What URL should I now use from a http client to connect to the web servers on this jboss cluster? Needless to say, before the cluster, my http clients connect directly to either one of these Jboss servers by using http://JbossServerA:8080 or http://JbossServerB:8080, but what about now? If I would be using a load-balancer, then my http client would be connecting to the load-balancer and the load-balancer would handle the redirecting of the traffic to either one of these nodes but I am not.

      Thanks in advance for any help someone can provide!