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    HA deployment on blade servers

    Hamdy Farid Newbie

      Currently I am looking into this type pf deployment to provide HA application. After couple of weeks of investigation I came up with a theory of how the deployment model would be. Before I go ahead and go on in my project, I would like to get your feedback on that matter (real experiance is far better than theories :-) )

      - Database
      The plan is to use clustred MySQL with x no of nodes (blades)

      - AS
      Jboss 4.03 + ejb3, running in a clustred deployment on y number of nodes (blades)
      All the AS are conntectd to the same MySQL cluster

      - First. Is this deployment configuration possible?
      - To address the clusterd MySQL, I have to specify "," seprated host/port in the uri. Will jboss accept this in the -ds.xml?
      - In case of a filure in the active MySQL, MySQL will throw exception (switch over is not 100% transparent)... will this exception be treated as other "Transaction-Retry" exception?
      - (I know the answer of this one but I will ask it to be on the safe side) In case of datbase lock time-out, will the AS retry the transaction (ex. call my stateless session bean method AGAIN)
      - As a part of the appliction I have in-band JCA (converts socket requests into JMS to be processed later on by MDB), how can I make this part of the application HA ???
      - MDB can be deployed in clustred mode but how can I make the JMS queue itself HA?

      Thanks in advance for your help