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    Please advise on HTTP/JMS clustering question

    Torsten Römer Newbie


      I wrote a servlet that accepts messages posted via HTTP and dispatches them to different queues. The messages are consumed and processed by MDBs.

      I enabled clustering for HTTP using Apache and mod_jk following the JBoss Application Server Guide. Both failover and load balancing works fine.

      Additionally to HTTP, messages are sent directly to the queues via JMS, so I would like to use HA-JMS. As far as I understand, the JMS service is running only on one node, the master node.

      Now I wonder what will happen if the HTTP load balancing distributes a request to another than the master node and the servlet tries to dispatch the message to a queue. Do I have to make the servlet "cluster aware" (HA-JNDI?) for this to work?

      Sorry, I think I am a bit confused...