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    Overriding annotation partition name

    Kevin Baughman Newbie

      Hi, I've found documentation (see below) that states that passing in a property at jboss startup will change the default partition name. However, this does not seem to override the default partion name used in the @Clustered annotation. Is this a bug? In any case, how can this default partition name used by the annotation be overridden so that the stateless session bean can be used in multiple clusters. Thanks! Kevin

      "In order for nodes to form a cluster, they must have the exact same PartitionName and the ParitionConfig elements. Changes in either element on some but not all nodes would cause the cluster to split. It is generally easier to change the ParitionConfig (i.e., the address/port) to run multiple cluster rather than changing the PartitionName due to the mulititude of places the former needs to be changed in other configuration files. However, changing the PartitionName is made easier in 4.0.2+ due to the use of the ${jboss.partition.name} property which allows the name to be change via a single jboss.partition.name system property"