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    Session replication and login

    Ludovico Basili Newbie

      I have a cluster with two nodes, a web application configured to replicate sessions and I use form authentication.
      I configured an HTTP load balancer that performs a simple round-robin between the two nodes of the cluster.
      When I get a protected page of my application, I encounter the following behavior
      1) I am redirected to login page
      2) When I post the login page, I am redirected to the login page again
      3) If I perform a simple refresh (no login resubmission) I can access my application

      It seems similar to the problem treated here:
      do you know any workaround or fix ?

      I am using jboss-4.0.3SP1 and here is my configuration:
      1. web.xml contains the element
      2. jboss.xml contains
      3. in server.xml, SingleSignOn is disabled and ClusteredSingleSignOnValve is enabled, the two nodes have respectively the values node1 and node2 for jvmRoute
      4. in tc5-cluster-service.xml, cache replication is REPL_SYNC

      Thank you very much,