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    Is cache Invalidation possible under ...

    Haseen Haq Newbie

      We are using session facade in our application where only SLSBs are avaliable remotely. Our BMP entity beans are local objects only.

      We are planning to intriduce clustering. Is it possible that our application is deployed at cluster level overall but the entity beans are not replicated when created at one node. Also we want to introduce Cache invalidation, in case same instance of Entity beans exists at two different nodes (created by two different users at two different nodes).

      That is if same entity exists at two different nodes not by cluster replication, but by client access and one of them changed, can we use Cache Invalidation under this scenario.

      For example can I add the folloiwng in jboss.xml

      >Standard CMP 2.x with cache invalidation<



      <!-- No Cluster-Config etc. -->