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    ClassNotFoundException in PrimaryKey object

    Haseen Haq Newbie

      We are using Session Facade in our application where all BMP Entity beans have a local interface. The entity beans have custome PK objects that are composite (not simple, I hope I am using the correct term) in most of the cases. This is the reason we can not use java.lang data types for PK objects.

      I also don't want to deploy my PK objects under a seperate jar in 'lib' folder.

      Our SLSBs are clustered while Entity beans are not clustered but cache-invalidated.

      When I deploy my application on one node, it works fine. As soon as I start the second node, it starts giving me the ClassNotFoundException on the PK objects (all of them). I have seen another topic with the same problem but for a previous version of JBoss.


      The topic was assigned to ben.wang@jboss.com

      Do we have a way out of this issue or do we have a solution available under any other topic.