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    LoadBalancing is not happening but not always

    dharma lingam Newbie


      Loadbalancing works fine initially while both servers started very first time, when one server(let say server1) in the clustered group goes down( i used 2 machines to test) then request processed by another server in the clustered group.It implies failover works fine,

      when server1 again comes up and running as i mentioned sticky session the request processed by server1 earlier , now also processed by server1

      the problem is new requests always goes to server2 though server1 is alive.

      In brief loadbalancing is not happening after the server1 comes up and running but stickysession working fine

      As stickysession works fine implies apache/modjk can identify server1 comes up again.

      Even i tried without stickysession, but it ends up in vain

      Following are my servers infn:

      Jboss 4.0.2
      Apache Version 2.0. 50
      Load Balancer mod_jk version : 1. 2. 6

      Thx in Advance