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    inputSpinner in 3.0.1

    Damian Harvey Master

      I've just upgraded Seam to 1.3.0.ALPHA which includes Richfaces 3.0.1 - I was previously on 3.0.1.SNAPSHOT.

      I have a CSS rule that defines:

      * {
       font: 11px Verdana,Arial;
       //and some other global resets

      For some reason in this build of Richfaces this is a problem. The inputSpinner bloats up to about twice it's normal size. It is definitely this CSS rule that causes it and it didn't happen in the previous SnapShot build. I can get rid of the CSS rule but something like this shouldn't really cause this behaviour.

      If I generate a fresh Seam 1.3.0 project and apply the same rule - the same effect occurs.

      If I visit the Richfaces Demo page and edit the CSS using Firefox WebDeveloper then the effect doesn't happen (is it running an earlier version of Richfaces?)

      I've been poring over FireBug for the last hour trying to spot the element that causes the problem however I can't find it.

      Anyone care to validate this behaviour?



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          Sergey Smirnov Master

          yes. we are cleaning the component's css due to the request to have a "plain" skin. Cleaning means removing the hard-coded parameters such as font-specific and color-specific ones that used to override the "global" setting previously.

          The "plain" skin feature is in development right now. (It is scheduled on 3.1.0 - the next richFaces release). So, if you dislike some particular behavior causes by this task, send screenshots and description what you dislike and we will investigate it.
          You can create a jira issue and attach screenshots there.