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    EJB load balancing and failover

    Prabath Pathirana Newbie

      Dear all,
      I've started a JBoss clustering project with an EJB application. This was a basic Stateless Session Bean.
      I've gone through the Clustering 7 tutorial and made the cluster and deployed the EJB.
      But it seems load balancing and failover does't happen. Later I realized that Stateless is not good to check failover and now i'm developing Stateful.
      But since i've done all cinfigurations as tutorial says loadbalancing should occur.
      So someone please be kind enough to tell me if there are any other configurations to be done.
      Since we use servlets here do we need to set HTTP loadbalancing as well?
      So please help me to develop a thing to observe the loadbalancing feature in JBoss. Also a perfect way of testing it. (I observed the cpu performance)

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          luong duy Newbie

          i meet this problem too. i changed standardjboss.xml to fix this problem. If you use stateless session bean find <invoker-proxy-binding> with name stateless-rmi-invoker and change the config as same as <invoker-proxy-binding> with name clustered-stateless-rmi-invoker.

          But i still have problem with rmi load balance and fail over. Any body help me ? rmi smart stub can not update list alive server. So when rmi is invoked, you shut down 1 jboss after that restart this jboss. Smart stub only know that 1 jboss dead, it not know that jboss is restarted