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    Exploded application deployment support on farm service.

    mailinator Novice

      Currently I did not see JBoss supporting exploded application deployment using farm service. i.e I can deploy only file type (WAR or EAR) using farrm service. If I deploy(copy to farm folder of the server) an exploded WAR with a .war extension(i.e xxx.war as folder), it will throw exception when the next nodes on the Cluster start.

      I am using an incremental deployment model for my application. So when I deploy the web application as a file, JBoss is creating a tmp/deploy folder and extracts that WAR file there. But when I shutdown the server, it get undeployed and the exploded WAR on tmp/deploy is getting removed. So every time when you start JBoss, it is fresh one from the WAR file.
      But when I use deploy exploded WAR application JBoss is not copying/creating exploded WAR under tmp/deploy directory.
      So I have to stick to the exploded approach. But I have seen farm service is not taking the exploded format.
      Is there any idea to fix this issue on the coming releases.