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    Question about Servlet Session Listener in Clustered jboss t

    mandar Newbie

      Thanks a lot for all the information on the wiki pages. Even though I am new to jboss clustering, I was easily able to set up two jboss instances on one machine and front end them with Apache and mod_jk connector.

      Before clustering the jboss instances, I had a http session listener that handled session timeouts and cleaned up some pending backend tasks if necessary. This was called by the tomcat container on user session timeout (if the user session was inactive for 20 mins).
      While testing the clustered setup, I found out that this listener gets called when I shutdown one of the jboss instances (to test the session replication). I see that the "sessionDestroyed" method of this listener is invoked.
      Is there anything that I can do to prevent the http sessions from being destroyed when one of the nodes is shutdown?
      Am I missing something in my setup ?

      If I remove the listener from web.xml, everything works great but then I loose the ability to track and clean inactive sessions.

      Thanks for your help.