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    Adding permanent Queues without restarting the servers in Si

    Sameer S Newbie

      I have two servers running on a m/c using singleton cluster service. I want to add the queues to both the servers without restarting them. Also i want only master node to show the available queues.

      I am tring the the following approach, added a .sar file which defines the Queues to the URL List in jboss-service.xml. but the problem is that the queue is shown on both the servers and i want master node to show that Queue.Is there any way to achieve that?

      1. Can i control the queue deployment such that only master node should show the Queues added?
      2. Is there any way to control 'deploy' functionality of the MainDeployer? if yes, then how can i can identify the master node programatically while altering the deploy functionality of the MainDeployer?