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    Session Replication Issue

    kimry Newbie

      Hi there
      I've a couple of questions related session replication
      When the session replication start to work?
      My cluster setup is 3 servers
      2 nodes of [JBoss 4.0.3 + My-Application] + [Apache_ mod-jk as a loadbalancer]
      http://balancer/my-app it gives me my app login page from any node
      [username/passwod required to login] my question here is
      Is just getting the first page form my app [to enter user/pass]conceder as a session?
      or after a successful loging I conceder it as a session so [jboss + my-app] can replicate it
      if configured to do so?
      Other way can I enter my username/password in http://blancer/login-page
      [from app-node1] then I hit ENTER it log me into http://balancer/successful-loging
      [from app-node2]
      {session replication enabled + sticky session disabled
      + mod_jk doning round rubin 1 request to node 1 the next request/click to the other node}
      another question
      If I configured sesstion replication correctly would I be able to switch in between the nodes
      with just changing the node name in address bar
      (e.g) I'm doing some task in {I logged into node one directly not through a balancer}
      http://node1/some/thing/ then I want to http://node2/some/thing
      {should it work like that or I MUST request the node through the balancer so it replicate
      the session only if the node I was working on is not available for any reason?}


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          Brian Stansberry Master

          Are you using container managed security (i.e. configured in web.xml)? If yes, to answer your questions:

          1) The session is created during the request that creates the login page.

          2) FORM based authentication won't work without sticky sessions. If you post the login form to a different server than the one that issued it, it won't work.

          3) Session cookies are scoped either to the webapp or the host, so if you change hosts the browser will not present the session cookie, so that won't work.