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    Size of Farming Buffer

    Aram Mkhitaryan Newbie


      I had a problem with farming which you can see in topic FarmDeployment Configuration.

      I have at last found that the problem is in transfer buffer size, because I tried to deploy web application which was 234KB of size and farming worked perfect that time.
      But I have problem with my real EAR application which is 3MB of size. Farming worked, but could not transfer all file (farming transfered only 1,5MB).

      Please, help to find configuration for transfer buffer size.


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          Scott Marlow Master


          What version of the app server are you using?

          In release 4.0.2 and earlier, we allocate a byte array buffer equal in size to the file size. In later releases (4.0.3), we do a streaming file transfer using a small memory buffer.

          In either case, we transfer the file to a temporary folder until all of the bits are transferred and then we move the file to the farm folder.


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            Aram Mkhitaryan Newbie

            I'm using release 4.0.3.

            But if you are using streaming for file transfer, what can be the problem???

            File transfer is done partially on my computers. Only a part of file is transfered to a temporary folder.

            Please, help to find a solution.
            It is very urgent.

            Best regards,

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              Scott Marlow Master

              Try using the 4.0.4 cr2 app server build and see if you can recreate it. If so, create a Jira with your archive as an attachment.

              I'm not sure why you are seeing the behavior that you describe. I assume its not a full disk problem.

              If you need an immediate workaround, you could update jboss/server/all/jboss-service.xml to define a networked drive for sharing applications on the cluster. See the section on labeled Deployment Scanning.