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    Clustering and UDP traffic (and errors) in non-clustered env

    damo9f Newbie

      We found that our version of JBoss (4.0.3 sp1) was configured for clustering out-of-the box and have been unable to disable all clustering traffic since this dicovery.

      We removed tc5-cluster.xml and cluster-service.xml but have still not been able to supress various UDP multicast messages, and messages such as

      [TreeCache] viewAccepted(): new members: [blast:1029, clarke:1579, ...]
      [TreeCache] setting cluster properties from xml to: [...]

      Recently, an install is logging errors apparently to do with invalid multicast addresses, or improper network interfaces. This seems to be specific to the network config of the PC, but at root we think this is caused by unwanted clustering and/or HA traffic being multicast.

      We intend to deploy a single server, so can anyone recommend a way to turn off all multicasting, clustering and other discovery-based features? We've tried a few things and also seen others posting with similar issues over the past few months but have not found a solution.